Umgebung und Natur - Omgeving en natuur - Hotel the Wigwam Domburg


Domburg is located right by the sea, on the northwest coast of the peninsula Walcheren. It is clear that many have chosen as a favorite seaside resort Domburg because of its unique combination of dunes, sea and forests.
But not only because of the wide, clean beaches and the pristine waters Domburg is so popular. Also the free hiking courses in, among others, the outdoor places Hoogduin, Westhove and birch forest (together +/-210 ha), which forms a beautiful hardwood area with parks and ponds, contribute to the charm of Domburg. It is still known as a family seaside resort, there both the accommodation as the various events to this set up. In the summer months, numerous events organized, such as the folk on horseback riding ring, beach parties, children’s performances, concerts and bike and walking tours.


The main attraction for tourists who come to Hotel the Wigwam and Domburg is the wide sandy beach. The characteristic groynes, beach huts, sand dunes and the mundane appearance make the beach so popular. The Domburg beach has a lot to offer, excellent accessible beach crossings right on the village, parking lots on tens of meters from the beach, public showers and toilets, beach cabins, walking boards, bins, you name it! The lifeguards are your helpful staff on the beaches, you can enjoy your (small) injuries, borrow from hammers for your wind screen and the rental of sunbeds, chairs, umbrellas and windshields. For your safety, the lifeguards Domburg with years of experience in saving lives at sea and taking care of injuries. On every beach you can find playground equipment. At every major Beach transition to find Beach pavilions, here e.g. for drinking, ice creams and snacks.