Hotel the Wigwam Domburg

History Hotel the Wigwam

History Hotel the Wigwam
The Wigwam” is an unusual name for a hotel in a seaside resort, but a name with a history.
Villa “The Wigwam” was built in 1904 by Meinaard-Sprenger (1860-1951). His father was mayor of Domburg from 1850 to 1868.
Driven by loneliness and a feeling for adventure, he left at the age of 21 to North-America, where, after travelling around for some time, he ended up amongst the Blackfoot Indian tribe. He felt at home with these people and built a ranch, which he named Domburg and like the Indians, he traded cowhides.

After 20 years his cowboy life came to an end when he fell from his horse and he broke his knee, never to ride again. He sold everything and returned to Domburg. He built a villa and named it “The Wigwam”, which became his new home.

The Sprenger-Blackfoot collection has been preserved in the “Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde” in Leiden.

“The Wigwam” was officially booked as hotel in 1951. The Bimmel family has owned the hotel since 1975. After various alternations and renovations, it has become a first class family hotel.